Animals are Man’s best friend

Mans best friend has been referred to for many years as the canine and I am not going to dispute the important role dogs have played in our society. However, I believe that all animals are mans best friend, not just the dog. Our animals offer us opportunities for healing, self-compassion and love, that sometimes no other human being could do for us.  I have learned so many important lessons from my animal companions, and I feel that it is important that we start recognizing animals as our partners on life’s journey.

Take for instance, one of my favorite’s, the horse, wars and battles that would have been lost without their heroism and sacrifice for us. In America, we are so lucky to still have wild horse bands, and yet many of them are shipped off to slaughter and ’rounded-up’ inhumanely through the use of tranquilizers, and helicopters and just plain brute force. You find horses by the hundreds in auction yards, in various stages of illness and malnutrition.  Where is the appreciation and acknowledgement for the animals life and their contributions to us? And where is the regard for their emotions?

George (the Camel) always knew how to make his favorite human friend laugh! (Photo:Dino DeLuca)

We have to take the time to recognize the destruction that we are doing to ourselves, through the treatment of our animals. Ask just about any psychotherapist about ‘projection’ and you will probably hear a long explanation, that in summary, is the concept of any individual projecting their own personal emotions, feelings, and beliefs onto situations, or other people in their lives – either through statements, affirmations or behaviors. When you look at the concept of projection and apply it to our relationships with animals, you see an entirely new light our own personal beliefs of love, compassion and self-worth.

We have to start taking ownership of our actions and recognize the long-term impacts these choices will have on society and the planet. I would say it is nearly impossible for mankind to survive and thrive long-term with the current beliefs we have in place and the continued abusive actions we make towards our animals.

Animals are man’s greatest of teachers with powerful lessons that we may completely ignore or miss altogether without them, and our treatment of them is the greatest of lessons for humanity.


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